We help people who want
basic health services and
a path to housing.

Meet Shakina, Damion, Ben and Gina.



"My neighbors are very nice, you know, I love them. I’ve learned to love them, this is my family down here."


"This place offers people a place to get their lives back in order—so they can be a more positive influence on the collective.  I mean, the people who work here have such a positive attitude and the services they offer are so helpful. Without it, I would not be here today."



"I was living under a bridge on 18th and LA. They basically just started with a smile. And treated me like a fucking human. Excuse my language but that’s where it started. This town can treat you like a monster when you treat yourself like one."



"You can’t judge a book by the cover.  You don’t know why someone's homeless. You don’t know how they ended up like that. That’s why it's not good to judge. Because you just never know what type of situation a person’s been in their life. You know, to end up here."