A behavioral health, housing
and training process that works.

Delivering behavioral health and housing is how we tackle the pressing problems that people experiencing homelessness face every day. It begins with our Center for Harm Reduction in Downtown Los Angeles, on Skid Row. Our facility is involved in taking immediate first steps to provide substance use treatment and prevention. Syringe exchange and disease prevention services for people who inject drugs slows the most harmful elements of homelessness to treatable levels.

Treatment becomes more personal from there, addressing co-occurring disorders. Approximately 8.9 million adults in the U.S. are dealing with both mental health and substance use disorders, yet only 7.4% receive treatment for both. And 55.8% receive no treatment at all. HHCLA treats both and treats them on an ongoing basis. This is necessary as HHCLA additionally works with individuals to connect them to permanent housing options.

HHCLA is spreading health access and improved health outcomes for people experiencing homelessness through innovative health education training and technical assistance to homeless shelters, community health clinics, hospitals, and community-based providers. Since 1985, more than 100,000 individuals in LA county have participated in HHCLA’s conferences and trainings.

HHCLA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization  |  Tax ID 95‐4074970